How To Recruit For Your Home Business: Treat It Like A BUSINESS

Get a picture of a lot of what passes for home business prospecting. A bunch of advertisements that promise “$500 to $2000 a month part time, $5000 plus full time.” Or join “the hottest home business group – best pay plan, turnkey system, simple and easy.” That, and lots of other colorful statements promoting home businesses.

Now try and imagine that same kind of advertising being used to recruit people into a Fortune 500 company. Can you imagine Microsoft or Apple bragging about how they’re the hottest new kid on the block company?

Can you imagine IBM or Exxon Mobil looking for executives, engineers, sales professionals, telling them they have “the best pay plan, turnkey system, simple and easy?”

They wouldn’t. Because they’re serious companies. They take their business seriously. They want quality people who will work hard, make a commitment to learning and being productive, not to mention great team players who will give honest feedback to their supervisors.

And as a result, they get serious people to work for them. They come up with great products. They figure out what customers want, and create products and services to bring to them. They make plenty of mistakes, but have processes in place to identify them and fix them.

And even though we don’t always believe this, they do NOT operate on greed. No company that sticks around for the long term does. Don’t believe it? Think Enron.

You can see the exact same thing happening in the home business world.

Now it’s true that anyone can be successful in network marketing or affiliate or Internet marketing. But that doesn’t mean EVERYONE will.

It means the ones who succeed will start from wherever they are. They’ll learn lots of new stuff. They’ll work hard. They’ll build their own personal qualities. They’ll become more attractive. They’ll commit to providing value and service.

It’s not limited to people with a certain degree. But it is limited to people with the skills, attitudes and behaviors of success.

Putting out advertisements and content that attract people without skills, or the will to get them will get you just that.

You’ll get people who aren’t willing to invest in their business or themselves. They won’t pay start up costs. They’ll want to be spoon fed every step of the way. They’ll get frustrated easily and quickly. And they’ll quit when the money doesn’t fall into their lap in the first week.

Don’t blame them. They’re playing a game you invited them to play.

The most successful home business builders cast a wide net. They invite everyone to take a look at what they have.

But they don’t pretend it’s going to be easy. They screen out the unqualified by telling the truth. And they have high standards for people they choose to sponsor.

And they work with the qualified. They build depth and strength.

And they succeed. Like the best companies do.

Check out your recruiting strategy. Is it appealing to the worst instincts in us?

Or are you projecting an energy of challenge, commitment, integrity and success?

And which kind of organization do you want to be in charge of?